All Masks are one size fits all.  Solid Black.

Coming in at around 7"x3.5" when completed and are all double sided.  The back sides are all white.  All masks come with either elastic string or 3mm parachute cord.  Cord will need to be cut to size and tied behind the ears.  It is recommended to melt the ends after cutting to avoid fraying.  We are not responsible if you get cut or burned during this process.  We cannot guarantee which style sting you will get.  Shown is the parachute cord.

Shown above is on a 6 year old. But fits adults just fine.  


We are trying to help all those still working and putting themselves in harms way.  All essential works no matter what industry they are in will only be charged $5.00 for each mask.  And for every five (5) masks sold we will donate and ship or drop off one (1) to and essentail business of your choice. 


Description of Soft Black Material:

  • Content: 100% Cotton
  • Care: Machine wash gentle cold, Non-chlorine bleach, Tumble dry low, Cool iron