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Welcome to our new fundraising section of Contact us to get started, but first you can follow these steps before you do.

   1.  Select your design (if you don't have one we can help).

   2.  Select your apparel (visit our online apparel section           )

   3.  Determine your run dates.

After you determine what you want above, we'll design your page and create up the images for you.   Once we are finished we will run the site during the dates you have selected. 

Contact us for details on how much you will make and how to get paid as well as to set up your page now.  

Raise money for your mission trips, band camps, retreats or any other event coming up.

Events / Groups

You're working hard on your craft, let us work hard to raise money for you!

Sports / Parents

We can help raise funds for someone in your life that may just need a little extra help.  Or a local non profit organization looking for help.

Extra Help

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